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Rollins College students have a new tool to help them chart their progress toward graduation. DegreeWorks – an advising, transfer articulation and degree audit program – has been integrated into the college's Banner system and is now available to all students.

In addition to providing degree requirements, DegreeWorks also functions as an academic planning tool. There are several benefits from using DegreeWorks, including GPA calculators, and a "what if" tab that allows students to select another major to see how courses already completed would fit into that degree program.

DegreeWorks will bring efficiency and convenience to time-consuming tasks such as obtaining signatures on paper audit forms.

Please remember that DegreeWorks can be accessed through the Student tab in Foxlink.

The program is not compatible with Google Chrome or Safari, so make sure you use Internet Explorer or Firefox to access DegreeWorks.

For additional information regarding DegreeWorks, please visit the links below:

Student User Training Guide


General Information

GPA Calculator

Student Audit

What-If Tab

If you have additional questions regarding DegreeWorks or you are a new advisor who needs access to the program, please send an email to Cindy Pokrywa at

If you have a question regarding your audit, please submit the form below:

DegreeWorks Help Form