A Message from President Duncan


The Service Excellence Initiative

As we aspire to achieve higher levels of excellence and strategically market Rollins’ unique value, our success will ultimately depend on how effectively we can deliver on the promise we convey through our marketing messages—the promise of a distinctive, transformative, and engaged learning experience that is truly exceptional and unique to Rollins.

Barbara Burke
Barbara Burke delivers her legendary service at the Bookmark Cafe.

Service excellence will continue to play an important role in our overall success; to this end, the College has a service philosophy and service standards to help delineate what we consider important as we engage in our work and with each other, as colleagues, to deliver a seamless service experience to our students and customers. The service philosophy and standards are an outgrowth of several discussions by the President’s extended leadership team. We encourage you to review the philosophy and standards at: http://r-net.rollins.edu/service/.

As part of this initiative, the College has a Service Excellence Team that is charged with leading an inclusive campus-wide effort to integrate our service philosophy and standards into our internal processes, identify solutions to service issues and problems on an ongoing basis, and provide training and support to the campus community.

On behalf of the entire senior leadership team, thank you for your service in support of Rollins and your efforts to make this initiative a success.

Lewis M. Duncan

George D. & Harriet W. Cornell Professor
of Distinguished Presidential Leadership
Rollins College