Commemorating Sept. 11 by Confronting Religious Intolerance

September 16, 2010

Interfaith Living Learning Community

This past weekend, on the 9-year anniversary of Sept. 11, the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) Interfaith Living Learning Community (LLC) held its inaugural retreat in the first floor lounge area of Sutton Place.

In light of current events such as the ongoing controversy over the proposed Muslim Cultural Center that is to be built in New York City and, to an even more shocking degree, the Pastor who threatened to burn Qurans at his small church in Gainesville, FL; Interfaith LLC chose this day in order to make a bold statement about the necessity of conversations centered around religion, globally and in our own community at Rolling College.
During the retreat facilitated by OMA staff, LLC members discussed their summer reading book, “The Faith Club,” a true-life account written in the voice of three women, representing three of the major world religions, confronting age-old differences and ultimately converging at a place of understanding and respect. This book also serves as an educational tool and blueprint for others who want to start their own faith club. Interfaith was also joined by R-TV’s Syed Johnson who recorded an intimate group interview that will be featured in a series called “Our Voices 3,” currently in production through OMA.
In the aftermath of the events that happened on Sept. 11, religion has been a delicate subject for most people to talk about. “I have talked more about religion in these past few hours than I probably have in my whole life. It is such a hot button issue, but people don’t want to talk about it,” said Neil Desai (Class of 2013), who currently resides in the LLC.

“Since we all agreed to be a part of this initiative, it’s kind of expected that if we were to come home upset over something that we heard, we would have a support network of people who feel as passionately about these issues as each of us individually does,” said President of the Interfaith Club Veronica Coolman. Indeed, it is not required that you know everything there is to know about religion, but rather one must be open to learn more.

The members of the LLC would like to invite anyone who is interested in becoming involved to attend an informational meeting for the Interfaith Club, which will take place during common hour, 12 p.m., on Friday, September 16, in the Sutton Lounge area. On September 27, join Interfaith LLC at 7 p.m. in the Sutton Lounge area for a “Real World Rollins” event to get to know each of the members and the respective religions that they represent for an evening that is sure to be both entertaining and eye-opening.  

Anna Montoya
Class of 2013

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