2009 Student-Faculty Collaborative Research Program

July 13, 2009

Summer 2009 marks the 10th anniversary of Rollins’ Student-Faculty Collaborative Scholarship program.  Professor of Physics Thomas Moore leads the program, which offers students the opportunity to participate in high-level scholarly research—research that is typically only available at the graduate-school level. Since its launch, a total of 71 faculty members representing 24 disciplines have collaborated in research with students, and a total of 307 students will have taken part in the program by the end of the summer.

1. Volumetric properties of aqueous solutions of urea derivatives at various temperatures- Joseph Torres ’10. Faculty mentor: Pedro Bernal, Professor of Chemistry.

2. Morphological classifications of galaxies- Aditya Mahara ’11. Faculty mentor: Christopher Fuse, Assistant Professor of Physics. Video Presentation

3. Evolution of Hickson compact groups: X-ray and point sources- Emma Broming ’11. Faculty mentor: Christopher Fuse, Assistant Professor of Physics.

4. Gold catalyzed hydroformylation- Jill Lockhart ’10 and Joel Eley ’10. Faculty mentor: Laurel Goj, Assistant Professor of Chemistry.

5. Photonic crystal fibers and atomic layer deposition- Christopher Gorman ’10. Faculty mentor: Elton Graugnard, Assistant Professor of Physics.

6. Detection of buried landmines by speckle imaging- Ashley Cannaday ’11. Faculty mentor: Thomas Moore, Professor of Physics. Video Presentation

7. Acoustical effects of bell vibrations in the modern trumpet- Daniel Zietlow ’10. Faculty mentor: Thomas Moore, Professor of Physics.

8. Characterization of exotic materials utilizing ultrasound- Dirk de Haan and Eric Scott ’10. Faculty mentor: Kenneth Pestka, Assistant Professor of Physics.

9. A Study of dinoflagellate phylogeny by characterization of protease activity- Kevin Caceres ’10. Faculty mentor: Paul Stephenson, Professor of Biology.

10. It’s All Greek to Me: An Aristophane-Slapping Comedy of Tragic Proportions- Dustin Scwab ’10, Chelsea Dygan ‘10, Maxwell Hilend ’10, Robert Yoho ’10, Amanda Leakey ’10, Jonathan Keebler ’10, Shannon Singley ’11, and Tracey Hirst ’10. Faculty mentor: David Charles, Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts & Dance. Video Presentation

11. Synthesis and utilization of 8-triflouromethyladenosine- Justin Wright ’10. Faculty mentor: Darren Stoub, Associate Professor of Chemistry.

12. Synthesis and utilization of 2-triflouromethylinosine- Ashley Franklin ’11. Faculty mentor: Darren Stoub, Associate Professor of Chemistry.

13. Determination of drug binding sites in alph-beta integrins- Ruth Day ’10. Faculty mentor: Darren Stoub, Associate Professor of Chemistry.

14. Editing and performance practices of 18th century Moravian music- Sarah Hartman ‘10, Elizabeth Mess ‘12, Jeffrey Licona (Holt), Danielle Smith ’12, Laura Knowles ’10, Cory Caplinger (Holt), and Michael Serrano (Holt). Faculty mentor: John Sinclair, Director and Professor of Music.

15. Love and desire in exile: yearning for the divine in medieval Jewish and Sufi poetry- Annie Schmalstig ’10. Faculty mentor: Yudit Greenberg, Professor of Philosophy and Religion. Video Presentation

16. China's developing civil society: an analysis of US environmental NGOs- Ariane Rosen ’11. Faculty mentor: Michael Gunter, Associate Professor of Political Science.

17. NXT Lego mindstorms simulator- Ronald Hanson ’11 and Addison Sims ’11. Faculty mentor: Richard James, Associate Professor of Mathematical Sciences. Video Presentation

18. Healthcare and identity in San Juan Chamelco, Guatemala- Rebecca Webb ’10. Faculty mentor: Ashley Kistler, Assistant Professor of Anthropology.

19. Hybridity, dualism, and assimilation: the forging of an Orlando-Rican Identity- Jane Lombardi ’11 and Hector Ramos-Flores ‘12. Faculty mentor: Gabriel Barreneche, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages.

20. The Ninomiya Kijniro statue controversy and its implications in debates concerning cultural property- Cory Baden ’12. Faculty mentor: Susan Libby, Associate Professor of Art.

21. French slang: form and function- Christopher McCauley ‘12. Faculty mentor: Robert Moore, Professor of Anthropology.

22. Characterization of exotic materials utilizing ultrasound- Austin Ricci ’12. Faculty mentor: Kenneth Pestka, Assistant Professor of Physics.

23. The role of green light in chloroplast avoidance movement- Lauren Johnson ’10. Faculty mentor: Judy Schmalstig, Professor of Biology.

24. Challenge investigations with the coral disease pathogen, serratia marcescens, isolated from reef and sewage environments in the Florida Keys- Sameera Shaban ’10. Faculty mentor: Katie Patterson-Sutherland, Assistant Professor of Biology.

25. Golden personalities; leading citizens of Rollins and Winter Park- Alia Alli ’11, Angelica Garcia ’10, David Irvin’ 10, Kerem Rivera ’10. Faculty mentors: Wenxian Zhang, Professor and Head of Archives & Special Collections and Julian Chambliss, Associate Professor of History. Video Presentation

26. The Triune brain method- Emily Killian ’10. Faculty mentor: Eric Zivot, Associate Professor of Theatre Arts & Dance.

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