Student Organizations

The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP)

The Association of Fundraising Professionals – Rollins Chapter (AFP) is an organization that is led by Crummer Students but welcomes all undergraduate and graduate students at Rollins College. The mission of AFP is to expose all students to fundraising as a profession, the importance of philanthropy in our society, and the vital role of ethics in professional practice. Fundraising is not just a practice that occurs in the non-profit business world and therefore, AFP is open to all students, regardless of the industry they are interested in entering upon graduation. This organization offers many opportunities including monthly luncheons with fundraising professionals in the Central Florida Area, mentors, national webinars, careers resources, and much more.

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PMBA Association (PMBAA)

The purpose of the Professional MBA Association (PMBAA) is to promote leadership, academic integrity, fellowship, and service; to represent students as the voice of the student body in all matters to the administration, college and local community; to provide leadership and coordination to the student body in academic, professional and social areas; and to provide general student input on policies, procedures and resources that affect PMBA students. The PMBAA organizes several social events each year, including networking events, get-togethers, and community service activities. The $80 membership fee is automatically billed to students during their initial enrollment into the program through finance and serves as the funds for these events.

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Rollins Collegiate Entrepreneur’s Organization (Rollins CEO)

This organization acts as the student arm of the Center for Entrepreneurship.  The Rollins CEO provides members an invaluable opportunity to be directly involved in the Orlando business community.  Through many exciting events like the business plan competition, guest speakers, and workshops students are exposed to the world of entrepreneurship. 

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Website: Rollins CEO LinkedIn group


Crummer Women's Group 

This association seeks to promote community at Crummer while providing opportunities for networking and personal growth. The Crummer Women's Group holds monthly meetings and special events throughout the year.  Although the focus of this group is on issues women face in business, it also makes an effort to provide valuable insight for all students working through some of the challenges of the “real world”.  Membership in this association is open to all Crummer students. 

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Crummer Consulting Group (CCG)

The mission of Crummer Consulting Club is to provide its members with knowledge of the consulting industry, development of a consulting skill set, networking opportunities with industry leaders and recruiters, and exposure to practical applications of the consulting job through participation in real-world projects.

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Crummer Finance Organization (CFO)

This student association provides MBA students with a broad perspective of finance via prominent community speakers, certification programs, peer discussions, and a stock market simulation game.  The mission of CFA is to assist the professional, educational, and social developments of students interested in corporate finance, banking, investments and related subjects.!/groups/460197914024725/



Crummer is proud to have a chartered Toastmasters Club, open to students, faculty, staff and the business community. Communication effectiveness is essential to success and Toastmasters offers a proven way to improve your communication skills. By participating in a fun and supportive Toastmasters group, students can become better speakers and leaders, and gain confidence to succeed in whatever career path is chosen.  This student lead club provides opportunities to deliver great presentations, to lead teams and conduct meetings, to learn how to give and receive constructive evaluations, and to be a better listener.  These are all important skills essential in the business community and in an MBA program.!/ToastmastersRollinsCollege


Rollins Entertainment Business Association (REBA)

The Rollins Entertainment Business Association is a student-run organization that strives to increase knowledge of entertainment related industries and career opportunities within the Rollins Community by attracting industry speakers and facilitating relationships between students, faculty, and alumni with common interests in these industries.

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Spirit of Business Forum

The mission of this student organization is to discover and develop the relationship that exists between business and spirituality. With a strong emphasis on religious plurality, there will be discussions regarding religious holidays, religious practices at work, cultural differences, and ethical concerns of people throughout the world. The organization is intended to help students develop new perspectives that will make them better business leader, neighbors, and friends.


Net Impact

Net Impact is an international nonprofit organization with a mission to inspire, educate, and equip individuals to use the power of business to create a more socially and environmentally sustainable world. Spanning six continents, our membership makes up one of the most influential networks of professionals and students in existence today. Net Impact members are current and emerging leaders in CSR, social entrepreneurship, nonprofit management, international development, and environmental sustainability who are actively improving the world.

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The Rollins Early Advantage MBA Association (MBAA)

The MBAA is the student association for the full-time MBA program.  Peers elect officers who serve a one-year term in which they plan various student activities and events.  These events include community service, networking, and social events. The membership fee is $80.00 for the duration of the program which is billed automatically to each student’s account at the start of the program.  These fees serve as the funding for all events.

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MBA Oath

Our mission is to unite Crummer graduates who aim to lead in the interests of the greater good and who have committed to living out the principles articulated in their class’ oath. The oath is a voluntary pledge for graduating MBAs and current MBAs to “create value responsibly and ethically.” Each year the Committee solicits revisions to the previous year’s oath to ensure that the document retains its relevance and then hosts an annual ceremony giving graduates the chance to publically declare their commitment to the oath’s ideals. Our long-term goal is to transform the field of management into a true profession, one in which MBAs are respected for their integrity, professionalism, and leadership. The MBA oath is a step towards realizing this vision.


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