Internship Paperwork

MBA 504 Career Management (Required in full-time programs)

All Early Advantage MBA students are required to complete an MBA level internship in conjunction with the MBA 504 Career Management course. To review course grading and assignment due dates, reference the appropriate syllabus listed below.

EAMBA 23 syllabus

EAMBA 24 syllabus

EAMBA 25 syllabus


Internship Forms and Agreements 

Each form is an assignment that counts towards the successful completion of an internship.  Reference the respective class syllabus for due dates.  Forms and agreements are to be submitted for all internships.


Internship Position Description - Outlines the intern’s roles, responsibilities, projects, and qualifications the employer is seeking. Due prior to accepting internship offer. Email position description to Renee Uschold at for approval.  Click here to see samples.

Commitment to Learning - By signing this form, the student and their supervisor agree to commit the appropriate time, resources, and training, including 5 learning objectives to ensure student success. Submit form to Renee Uschold at

Five (5) Learning Objectives – The student along with their supervisor identify five learning objectives to be accomplished during the internship. Click here to see sample.  Submit to Renee Uschold at

Informed Consent Agreement - Every student participating in a college-sponsored internship and earning academic credit must read and electronically sign this consent form. Submit online.

Student Evaluation - This form is completed by the STUDENT INTERN.  Submit online.

Employer Evaluation — This form is completed by the INTERN'S SUPERVISOR. It is the responsibility of the student to email their supervisor the link to the Employer Evaluation.  Submit online.


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