Marketing Toolkit

The following tools will enable you to review acceptable styles, logos, and images of Rollins College and will provide you with examples that can be used in the creation of your promotional items.

Brand Guidelines

The Brand Guidelines contains a library of all the acceptable stylized titles for the College as a whole and its particular units. It also outlines the color schemes that are acceptable to be used in marketing materials. When using any Rollins College or campus unit’s name in your promotional items, you will need to be sure that it conforms to guidelines such as font, formatting, and text color. The Brand Guidelines also contains text that has already been formatted to be consistent and usable. You are able to simply copy and paste the text from the online guide. For current information, visit the Brand Guidelines Web site.

PowerPoint Template

Email Guidelines

Social Media Icons

Photo Library

Strong images have become a vital part of the Rollins brand. The Rollins Photo Library features professionally photographed imagery that supports brand standards and conveys the Rollins experience. Images within the library are freely available to campus units for use in marketing collateral and communications. Images are organized in several categories, including Academics, Student Life, Campus Shots, Athletics, The Arts, Rollins Evening/Holt, and Rollins MBA. You must have a Yahoo ID and Password to access the library collections. Please contact Tia Phillips Carrizzo, Assistant Creative Director, at to request a Yahoo ID and password that will provide you with access.

Logo Library

The Logo Library contains an archive of all of the acceptable logos for Rollins College. It is very important that any logo that is meant to represent Rollins College is consistent with the College’s overall look and feel. In the creation of your promotional materials, you will be able to use logos from this library for print and electronic mediums. The Rollins logo constitutes a trademark registered by Rollins College.

Logo Policies and Procedures

Vendor Recommendations

Once your proposed promotional materials have been approved, you will need to determine how they will be created. For printing needs, please refer to Rollins' own in-house provider, Print Services. All print and copy bidding must be handled through Print Services in order to ensure that all print materials intended for marketing purposes created by the College are of a high level of quality, priced consistently, and easily tracked by the Print Services and Marketing & Communication teams.