Educational Talent Search Hosts Graduation Celebration

June 13, 2011

Rollins Educational Talent Search Graduation CelebrationOn Saturday, May 21, Educational Talent Search held a Graduation Celebration in Reeves Lodge for 30 high school seniors and eighth graders. In honor of these seniors graduating from high school, the Talent Search staff presented the seniors with a “Transition to College” tutorial to inform the students and parents about going to college and to discuss student expectations.

After the presentation, a panel of Rollins students participated in an open discussion with the high school seniors. Caitlyn Glatting (Class of 2013), Monique Green (Class of 2013), Sarah Lugo (Class of 2011), Madison Messer (Class of 2014) and Leo Nocera (Class of 2012) informed the seniors about balancing school and social life in college and offered academic advice.

Afterward, the eighth graders were presented with an “Are You Ready for High School?” tutorial, which highlighted classes to take in high school. Rollins students and high school seniors participated in a panel for the eighth graders titled, “If I knew then what I know now,” which allowed participants to share their high school experiences with the eighth graders. After both presentations, the students, parents and staff participated in a graduation celebration of food and games out on the lawn next to Reeves Lodge.