Tablet Policies

Rollins College Tablet Policy

This Policy has been created to provide guidelines, requirements and support information for use of a tablet device with Rollins services.

Rollins Information Technology provides complete support for the Apple iPad. The proliferation of tablet hardware and software makes it impossible to be proficient on all of the tablet devices that are being released.  Since the iPad is the industry leader and provides the most consistent platform, Information Technology has determined that this is the most logical device for us to support.

Support includes:
1.    Procurement & Warranty Replacements
2.    Device configuration for use with Rollins Services
3.    Device and App Security
4.    Rollins approved App Procurement & Support
5.    Integration with Classroom/Conference Room A/V

All purchase requests for iPads are to be submitted to the IT Procurement Office.  Funding for iPads is provided by the department making the purchase request.  Purchases include the iPad, warranty and any requested Rollins iPad apps. 

Information Technology will work with the person or department using the iPad to properly configure the device.
Configuration includes:
1.    Device Registration on the Rollins Network
2.    Rollins Email & Calendar Sync Setup
3.    Wireless (Foxday) Setup
4.    Initial setup of pre-purchased Rollins iPad apps

Apple ID:
An Apple ID is an apple account that allows for purchasing apps and content through the online Apple Store.  Apps cannot be purchased without an Apple ID. 
Departments purchasing iPads for shared use have the option to use a shared Apple ID to manage apps.  The IT Department will create a Rollins email address for the department to create the Apple ID.
iPads purchased for single use will be configured for the assigned user.  The Apple ID should be unique to the end user.  Users may use their personal Apple ID or create a new one.

Security & Use Requirements:
The tablet must be secured with a passcode.  Access to Rollins services, excluding web services (i.e. webmail) requires Rollins approved apps and services.
iPads registered to Rollins have security measures in place that will allow for a remote wipe if the device is lost or stolen.  A remote wipe will remove all data and account information from the iPad.  Please contact the Rollins IT department immediately if your iPad has been lost or stolen.

Other Tablets/Devices (not iPad): 
Other tablets purchased by departments or individuals for work related or personal use are permitted for use with Rollins Services but must follow the requirements outlined in this policy. Such devices are limited to basic support which includes Wi-Fi and E-mail only.  Any device needing access to other Rollins Accounts or Data must adhere to the Security & Use Requirements outlined in this document.  Please contact the Rollins Help Desk for more information.


Rollins iPad Apps:

Rollins iPad Apps are apps that are purchased in bulk and are installed on iPads purchased by the IT Procurment office.  These apps are purchased and installed upon request for Rollins iPads only.  Rollins iPad Apps include but are not limited to:

Quick Office – The Quick Office app allows for viewing, editing and creating common office documents.
Citrix – The Citrix iPad app provides a connection for use of remote desktop applications
SharePlus – The SharePlus application allows for management of SharePoint

Purchase requests for Rollins iPad Apps are to be submitted to the IT Procurement Office.  All iPad App purchases are funded by the department requesting the app(s.) 

Other Apps:
All other, non-Rollins Apps should be purchased by the end user or department and will not require a purchase request.

AV & Classroom Integration
iPads require an AV Dongle to display video in classrooms and conference rooms that have display equipment.  Dongles can be purchased via the IT Procurement Office or borrowed from the Olin Circulation Desk.
For more information about iPads, Apps or Tablet Support, please contact the Rollins Help Desk at 407-628-6363.





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