Blackboard Policies and Procedures

January 31, 2012

1) Use of Blackboard:

Blackboard is intended for Rollins College classes. If you are interested in using Blackboard for other activities, please call the Helpdesk 407-628-6363 to submit a ticket. 


2) Creation of Courses:

Courses are created in Blackboard through Banner uploads. All staff, faculty, students, courses, and enrollments are uploaded daily at the beginning of the semester and less frequently thereafter. 

Please keep in mind possible errors in Blackboard that can occur because of how data is entered into BANNER. Duplicate CRNs, Course Titles with symbols in the name (;/-etc), and other unusual issues trickle down to Blackboard and often cause problems.


3) Creation of Student Accounts:

New and returning students are added to Blackboard at the beginning of a semester. These students are brought in from Banner and are added to the correct course according to the course reference number (CRN). If a student adds or drops during the first week of school or after this week, the instructor should add or remove the student from his/her Blackboard course. If a faculty member attempts to add a student and cannot find that student in the Blackboard database, please call the Helpdesk 407-628-6363 to submit a ticket. Be sure to include the following information: the student’s name, R-card number, and course reference number (CRN) the student needs to be enrolled in.


4) Blackboard Account and Password Information:

Your initial Blackboard username is your Rollins e-mail ID (ex. jdoe). Your initial Blackboard password is your R-card number with the R capitalized and ! at the end. Students and faculty are encouraged to change their passwords in Foxlink (not Blackboard) because anyone could find an R-card lying around somewhere (if you leave it somewhere by accident). Once the password is changed, be sure to remember it and do not give it to anyone else to use.

If a student or faculty member forgets his/her password and is unable to retrieve it, please call the Helpdesk 407-628-6363 to submit a ticket.


5) Problems with Blackboard Accounts or Blackboard Server:

If you encounter any problems with Blackboard, please call the Helpdesk 407-628-6363 to submit a ticket.



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