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Rollins College Policy on the Archiving of College Email


Archiving of Email

As of April 14, 2011, all email received or sent by the faculty and staff of Rollins College is being archived. Each individual has access to their archive and may restore emails from the archive. Restoration moves a copy of the email back to the individual’s Inbox, but the original email remains in the archive.

Accessing Archived Email

All email sent and received by faculty and staff using their Rollins email account is the property of Rollins College. Information Technology will access archived mail when directed to by the President of Rollins College (or his/her designate) or by the Assistant Vice President for Human Resources & Risk Management (AVP).

Storing Email of Individuals No Longer Associated with the College

Once an individual has left College employment and their email account deactivated, their archived email will be removed from the active archive and stored for one calendar year. At the end of that calendar year, Information Technology will consult with both the AVP and the College Archivist to determine if there is any legal or historical reason that the archived email should not be deleted.

Faculty and staff who are awarded emeritus status will have their email accounts continued with no changes if they continue to participate in the life of the College (i.e. teaching, performing research, serving as a consultant). Once they have completely terminated their professional relationship with the College, they will continue to maintain an email account, but their email will no longer be archived and the one year storage period will commence.  





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