Faculty/Staff Instructions - Faxing

Faculty/Staff Instructions - Faxing

Rollins College offers faxing services to faculty and staff via a “Desktop Fax” feature for PCs and at select Toshiba MFDs (Multi Function Devices) across campus.  The "Desktop Fax" feature is currently not compatible with Macs, but IT is commited to researching solutions that will resolve this issue and will update accordingly. Faxing utility costs are covered by the IT Department to provide fax solutions free of charge for College related activities.  Please follow the instructions below for sending and receiving a fax:


Option 1: How-to fax from a PC with “Desktop Fax” (Not compatible with Macs)

  1. Open document, email, or file.
  2. Go to the print menu for the application in use. Optional: Ctrl + P
  3. In dropdown, select the “RollinsFax on rprint” printer.
  4. Select “Print.”
  5. The “Confirm” window will pop-up. Input fax number (8 + 1 + fax number).
  6. Click on "blue Up arrow". Your fax number will then populate in “To:” box.
  7. Press “OK.”
  8. A pop-up will state if fax was transmitted successfully or with failure.

Option 2: How-to fax from a Toshiba MFD

  1. Swipe R-Card.
  2. Place document in feeder or on glass.
  3. Press “Change Account” button.
  4. Select budget/account. There is no cost for fax.
  5. Press “FAX” button on keypad.
  6. Select “INPUT FAX No.” on touch panel.
  7. Input fax number (8 + 1 + fax number).
  8. Press “OK.”
  9. Select “SEND” on touch panel.

Option 3:  How-to fax from the Post Office

  1. Visit the Rollins Post Office located in Mills.
  2. Request to send a fax.
  3. Provide document to be faxed and destination fax number.


Provide the Rollins office or department specific fax number, the recipient's name, and the department's post office (campus) box number to the sender. Routing of all incoming faxes are forwarded to Print Services (unless otherwise coordinated with Business Services) and will be delivered daily via interoffice mail.



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