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The College uses Microsoft Live for students and Exchange for faculty and staff. Students keep their email account after graduation (on Live) and we invite all alumni to request an account through our alumni portal.

Training on the email system is provided one-on-one. Submit a request through the Help Desk and someone will call you. Online training is also available through Microsoft Academy.

Please direct all email problems and questions to the Help Desk (407-628-6363).

Faculty and Staff

The size of attachments that can be sent via email is limited to 15 MB. If you need to send something larger, we have a College Drop-Box account. Please contact the Help Desk for the log-in.

All emails both sent and received have been archived since April 11, 2011. You can access your archive at: https://sts.messaging.microsoft.com. The first time you use this service, you will need to create a username and password. We are not able to automatically tie this service to your FoxID.

Emails within both the Junk and Trash folders are automatically deleted when they reach 90 days of age. Realize, this is not 90 days since you deleted a message, but 90 days since the message was sent. Messages that you wish to keep should be placed in a folder within your Inbox.

Emails quarantined by Microsoft can be accessed here: https://quarantine.messaging.microsoft.com. You'll need to use the same login credentials you created for the archive system. Email notifications are sent out when emails are quarantined. These notifications run daily, but are only sent if you have messages that have been quarantined. Messages left in quarantine are automatically deleted after 15 days.

Email Archive Policy

Saving Older Messages
If you have messages in either your Junk or Trash folders that you received prior to April 11, 2011 and you wish to keep them, you will have to move them either to another folder within your Inbox or completely off of the server. Directions are available for moving mail off the server.



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