Add/Drop Form
Add and/or drop a course.

A.P.L.E. Application
Accelerated Program for Learning to Educate

Change of Address

Change of Name
Must be processed in person. Please bring the original court documentation to the Holt Office.
A copy will be made for our records.

Change of Major/Minor  
Notification to change academic concentrations.

Contract for Incomplete Grade
Agreement to extend deadline to complete course assignments.

Course Overload  
Application for enhanced course load.

Credit/no-Credit Form  
Application to take a course grading be pass/fail.

Deferment Form 
Request tuition deferment for company reimbursement

Degree Verification Instructions
Requests for degree verification

Economics Application
Application for acceptance into the Economics Major

Enrollment Verification
Requests for enrollment verification

Grade Verification Form  
Form to request that grades be sent to directly to employer for reimbursement.

Humanities Portfolio Checklist  
All Humanities majors and minors must submit this completed portfolio.

Independent Study Proposal - Internship
Instructions to apply for an academic internship.

Independent Study Proposal - Research (pdf format)
Independent Study Proposal - Research (Word format)
Application to pursue an academic project under the close supervision of a faculty sponsor.

Leadership Distinction Program
Application for Leadership Distinction Program

Guidelines for Leadership Capstone
Guidelines for Personalized Leadership Capstone

Registration Change Form (Add or Drop Form) 
Add and/or drop a course.

Residency Waiver Request Form
Request to take course(s) at another institution while within the final courses at Rollins.

Request updated student information
To request an updated audit sheet.

Release of Information
Document to allow student information to be released to interested party. Original signature required.

Scholarship Questionnaire
To be completed by scholarship recipients only

Scholarship Service Verification Form
To be completed by students who receive a scholarship from the Hamilton Holt School. 

Second Bachelor's Degree
Individuals applying to pursue a second bachelor's degree must also meet with an academic advisor.

Student Appeal Form  
Application to officially appeal grades, academic standing, re-admittance, etc. Advisor signature required.

Transcript Request Request

Tuition Deferment Form
Tuition Deferment for company reimbursement.