Course Descriptions

Summer 2013

Descriptions pertain only to the Summer term and are taken from the 2012-2013 Graduate Catalog

MPC 504 Urban Form and Vernacular Architecture
Analyzes the interplay between urban space and the placement, scale, and style of the built environment.  Special emphasis will be placed on vernacular forms.

MPC 514C Politics of Place
In this course we will, first, think nationally if not globally. We will do this by assessing the challenges confronted by new rail‐transit systems in the US (e.g., Charlotte, Salt Lake City, Nashville), paying close attention to what critics have said about them. Our aim in this regard is to anticipate challenges that SunRail may face when it begins rolling in 2014. Second, we will plan locally by proposing needed actions to make SunRail successful right here in Winter Park. This second part of the course will be student‐driven. I am charging the class, collectively, to write a white paper recommending needed actions on the part of Rollins and other community stakeholder groups (e.g., the city, hospital, chamber of commerce, Park Avenue merchants).

MPC 530 GIS and Land Analysis
Examines the use of GIS in mapping land and improving environmental decision making.

MPC 550 Metro Greenspaces Orlando and Portland
Metropolitan Greenspace Planning is key to regional planning. This course will analyze the regional “green infrastructure” of Orlando and Portland, Oregon and conclude with a five-day study of Portland, Oregon. Students will first assess and categorize model greenspaces in the Orlando and Portland region from the neighborhood scale to wilderness preserves. In Portland, special emphasis will be placed on assessing the quality of public and semi-public spaces in the Pearl District and Orenco Station. The criteria for this exercise is adopted from Lund and Chapman, “Housing Density and Livability in Portland, Oregon,” in Osawa, ed., The Portland Edge: Challenges And Successes In Growing Communities.