Course Descriptions

Spring 2014

From the 2013-2014 Graduate Studies Catalog.

MPC 513E Topic: CNU Accreditation
The course provides a comprehensive overview of the New Urbanism. The goal is to enable the student to pass the Congress for the New Urbanism (“CNU”) Accreditation Examination, administered by the University of Miami’s School of Architecture. The course will include numerous guest lectures by professionals in their fields, many of whom have CNU accreditation. Examines demographic and economic trends to determine future urban patterns. Special reference is given to the option of walkable urbanism in the real estate market.

MPC 537 Green Neighborhood Design
This course utilizes the LEED Green Neighborhood Design criteria established by the Congress of the New Urbanism, Natural Resources Defense Council and the U.S. Green Building Council to analyze the performance of historic and new urbanism projects. Students will become familiar with the base line expectations of Green Neighborhood Development, and will learn how to apply requisite design standards to projects. The goal is to improve project design quality, even if it is not LEED certified.

MPC 690 Design Studio
A project based course that contracts with a client, with the goal of meeting the program mission statement and advancing sustainable urbanism. In addition to providing a market analysis, students will mix green infrastructure and urbanism in sustainable form.