Course Descriptions

Summer 2014

Descriptions pertain only to the Summer term and are taken from the 2012-2013 Graduate Catalog

MLS 505 Aesthetics & Politics of Art
This course is framed by the question "when does art/artistic representation have ethical impact?" It examines how aesthetic criteria for judging artworks might or might not overlap with ethical criteria. We will explore the  work and life of Leni Riefensthal; cultural imperialist tendencies of glossy tourist-art-books about impoverished locations; the Bauhaus movement ; representational versus non-representational art; the "Warhol effect" of blurring art and everyday consumer goods; handmade artifacts versus mechanical reproductions; and the theme of "moral imagination through arts" of philosopher Martha Nussbaum and others.  

MLS 521 Middle East: Culture and Film
Description not available.

MLS 560M Short Stories of Hemingway
Description not available.