Course Descriptions

Spring 2014

From the 2013-2014 Graduate Studies Catalog.

MHR 501: International Human Resource Management [4]
Explores the problems of managing HR in a cross-national firm. Deals with issues of global strategy, cross-cultural management, international assignments, immigration, workforce mobility, and integration of cross-national HR practices. Course is taught from a managerial perspective using case studies.

MHR 510: Organizational Change and Development [4]
Organization Development (OD) is the process of applying social science principles to the workplace to bring about planned organizational change. Focuses on developing new approaches to organizational problems and providing for the psychological well being of organizational members. Addresses interventions at the personal, group, and system levels.

MHR 553: Employment and Labor Law [4]
Analyzes state and federal regulations of human resource decision-making. Significant attention will be devoted to specific employment and labor laws. The course focuses on the identification and application of legal, ethical, and regulatory issues in formulating and implementing policies.

MHR 590: Special Topics [4]
This course will be offered on an occasional basis focusing on an in-depth treatment of a special topic or current issue in human resources or organization development. Course topics might be theoretical (Critical Theories of the Firm), professional (Preparation for the PHR Exam), disciplinary (Talent Management), or practical (Managing Conflicts between EEO, ADA, INS, and Florida Workers Comp).