Course Descriptions

Fall 2013

Description are for Fall 2013 term only.  Please view the Graduate Studies catalog for a complete list.

MHR 500 Strategic Human Resource Management [4]
Provides an overview of the Human Resources (HR) profession. Emphasizes strategic thinking concepts (e.g.: human capital theory, value added, best practices, distinctive competencies, competitive advantages, return on investment) and tools (e.g.: vision, values, assessment, design, implementation, evaluation). Explores the process of Human Resource Management (HRM) from a strategic perspective using case studies. 

MHR 515 Recruitment, Selection, and Retention [4]
Various methods for recruiting, selecting, and retaining employees. Topics include equal employment opportunity; human resource planning; determination of staffing needs; internal and external recruitment strategies; selection interviews, tests, and assessment procedures; placement, promotion, and transfer policies; and retention strategies.  

MHR 522 Organizational Psychology [4]
Foundations for understanding individual and group behavior with applications to managerial problem solving. Topics will include individual behavior, perception, motivation, group behavior, group dynamics, leadership, communication, and stress.

MHR 538 HR Leadership [4]
A personal effectiveness course focusing on the cultivation of leadership attributes, skills, and knowledge. Topics include a review of leadership theory, leadership development models, and leadership education. Students will design leadership development programs. 

MHR 610 Managing the Human Resource Department [4]
This course looks at the field of human resources from a department leadership perspective. Using the case method, students will develop a problem solving approach to issues that affect organizational effectiveness and employee development.