Course Descriptions

Summer 2014

Descriptions pertain to the Summer semester only and are taken from the 2012-2013 Graduate Studies Catalog.

EDU 509: Foundations of Reading [3]
This is the introductory course in the reading sequence. The course covers the theoretical models of reading, emergent literacy, phonics instruction, and the reading/writing connections. A balanced approach to reading instruction is emphasized.

EDU 536: Research in Education [3]
An analysis of the current issues in education. Topics for discussion may include technology in the classroom, current curricular trends, important educational research results, and others. A formal search of the literature is required. Each student may choose his/her own area of interest to research. M.Ed. students conduct a study with elementary students.

EDU 580: The Multicultural Classroom: Issues in Cross-Cultural Communication and Understanding [3]
Examines cultural pluralism in the classroom: multicultural education, diversity and teaching, bilingual education, racism, tracking, and teacher preparation. This course is a designated ESOL stand-alone certification course in the Department of Education and is intended to meet the competencies and skills that are required for Teacher Certification in Florida.

EED 569: Literature for the Elementary School Child [3]
This course immerses students in authentic literature appropriate for elementary grade reading instruction. Students will become familiar with a variety of major children’s authors and illustrators, the genres of children’s literature, recent research in the field, and techniques for the effective use of children’s literature in the classroom. Emphasis on strategies appropriate for responding to literature and participating in literature circles.