Grades and Exams



Mid-Term Grades

Faculty are required by College policy to give at least one grade to each student enrolled in their course(s) before the mid-point of each semester. The grade can be given for a project, paper, exam, etc. and must be conveyed to the student prior to the semester deadline for withdrawing without penalty. Term calendars list specific dates at

Make-up Tests

Faculty are responsible for establishing their own make-up policy. Make-up examinations may be left in the Holt School for students to take during normal office hours (Monday through Thursday, 8:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m., and Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.). It is strongly suggested that the student contact the office prior to taking the examination. Faculty are responsible for picking up the examination once it is completed. The Holt School Office will not mail student assignments or examinations to faculty.

Final Examinations

All students, regardless of class standing or grade average, are required to take final exams. The College considers examinations to be part of the learning process and does not permit instructors to exempt students from finals. The final evaluation of students may take place during the last two weeks of the term. In no case should students be excused from coming to class on the final exam date for the course.

Grading Scale: The following grades may be assigned at Rollins:

A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, and F

Grade A is reserved for work that is exceptional in quality, for work showing keen insight, understanding and initiative. (Note: No A+ grades).

Grade B is give for work that is consistently superior, for work showing interest, effort and/or originality.

Grade C is a respectable grade that reflects consistent daily preparation and completion in a satisfactory manner of all work required in the course. A minimum “C” average (2.00) is required for graduation.

Grade D is below the average necessary for meeting graduation requirements and ordinarily is not accepted for transfer by other institutions. A grade of a “D-” is the lowest passing grade.

Grade F is failing.

Incomplete Grades

Each faculty member is required to enter a grade for each student enrolled in class upon completion.

To receive a mark of “I,” the student must complete a Contract for an Incomplete Grade ( with the instructor and submit it to the Holt Office before the last published date of the course. Incomplete grades may not be entered in FoxLink. The student’s failure to complete the coursework in the designated time (60 days from the end of the term) will result in the automatic assignment of “F.” A list of students with incomplete or unresolved grades will be forwarded to the instructor around the incomplete grade due date, with an opportunity to change grades directly on the form or to extend the incomplete deadline up to another sixty-day period.

Reporting of Final Grades

The deadline for submission of final grades is included on each term calendar. Faculty must submit grades electronically through FoxLink. Once all grades are entered, the Holt School posts the grades to the students’ FoxLink accounts. No written reports are mailed to students.

Grade Changes

Faculty must submit grade changes in writing to the Holt School. Faculty may access the “Grade Change” form through FoxLink, write a memo, or send an e-mail including student’s name and R-number (if known); the relevant term, course title, number and section; grade change and reason for the change; and signature and date. Grade changes must be submitted within 90 days from the end of the term.

Student Grade Appeals

Students wishing to appeal a grade will first consult with their instructor. If the student is dissatisfied with the results of that consultation and wishes to pursue the matter further, the student should meet with the chair of the department, who in turn must inform the instructor of the substance of the student’s appeal. The department chair acts as a mediator to attempt to resolve any disagreements and consults with the instructor about the grading process. Only the course instructor has the authority to change the grade. (Should the instructor be the chair of the department, a tenured member of the department will be selected by the department to serve as mediator. If this is not possible, then the Dean of the Faculty will serve in this capacity.)

Further appeals beyond the chair of the department will be allowed only when the student can furnish evidence that the final grade was affected by the student’s opinion or conduct in matters unrelated to academic standards, bias based upon matters unrelated to academic standards, or the failure of the instructor to follow his or her own stated polices or College policies. If these conditions are met, the students may proceed with the appeal to the Student Appeals Committee by submitting a letter describing the situation to the Holt School Assistant Dean. This appeal must be made within 90 days of completion of the course.

The Assistant Dean will request from the department chair a written account of the mediation process described above and its results, if any. The Assistant Dean may also request any other appropriate documentation. The Assistant Dean prepares all documents related to the case for submission to the Student Appeals Committee. The Dean of the Faculty shall receive the recommendation of the Student Appeals Committee, review all documents, and make additional inquiries if necessary before reaching a decision. After such review, the decision of the Dean is final.

Student Projects and Assignments for Pick-Up

Assignments and projects left in the Holt School Office for student pick-up will be retained for a period of 30 days. Unclaimed work will be destroyed after that time. 

Course/Instructor Evaluations

The College’s accreditation through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACS|COC) requires continuous assessment of courses and programs. Course evaluations are completed by students through their FoxLink accounts at the end of each term. Specific dates and instructions are communicated via e-mail by the Holt School to the students. If a student fails to complete the course evaluation, he/she is penalized with a grade-viewing penalty ten days after the term ends. Instructors may review their evaluations through FoxLink after the course is complete and grades are submitted.