Graduate Assistantships

We are pleased to announce SIX graduate assistantships through our Department for the coming academic year for continuing students. FIVE positions require 15 hours of service per week for 28 weeks (Fall and Spring terms). Compensation consists of tuition fees for the Fall and Spring terms to a maximum of six courses over two terms. Please note that students who have other employment, receive tuition remission, or are on internship are not able to fulfill the requirements of these positions.

Note: This compensation will be taxed as income. You are welcome to and encouraged to apply for more than one position. Please submit a separate application for each position in which you are interested, letting us know your order of preference.

Application Process

Selection criteria include: Appropriate knowledge and competencies for the specific assistantships, seniority in the program (e.g. second year students will be selected over first year students; and fulltime students over part-time students. Students on internship will not be considered for graduate assistantship positions). See position descriptions below for additional information and application details.

Please note that other graduate assistantship opportunities that are not administered through the Graduate Studies in Counseling program may be available through other departments.  When these positions are made known, the information is forwarded to current students via the Rollins email system.

Position Descriptions

MAC Department- Cornell Counseling Clinic
The primary focus is to provide coordination and logistical supervision of the Cornell Counseling Clinic, assisting Practicum instructors in the assignment of clients, scheduling of rooms, and records maintenance. A secondary focus is providing support to other departmental projects, such as marketing to prospective students. Instructions

MAC Department- Assistant to the Department Chair
Assist the Department Faculty in operation of the Department (surveys/data collection, communication with prospective students, alumni relations, etc.) Also assist other Department faculty with library materials, research or other special projects (when time permits). This position requires summer hours (100) reducing the number of hours per week during Fall and Spring terms. Instructions

MAC Department- Assistant to the Department Faculty
Assist faculty with special projects such as research, professional service projects, course-related projects, and clerical needs of the department. This position is reserved for an incoming first year student who is planning to attend full time. The selection process will take place over the summer. Instructions

The Holt School and TJ’s: This GA has responsibility for identification and counseling of “at risk” Hamilton Holt and TJ’s undergraduate students. The GA provides one-on-one attention to students with academic difficulty and learning disabilities and assists in identifying resources and making referrals for these students. The GA will divide the 15 hour per week time between the Holt School and TJ’s Student Resource Center, attend TJ’s monthly staff meetings and be willing to work a flexible time schedule. Instructions

Office of Career Services
This GA is responsible for assisting the staff in the delivery of a broad range of career related services, programs and resources for approximately 1,700 undergraduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences. Instructions

Office of Multicultural Affairs
This Graduate Assistant supports and advances this mission of the Office of Multicultural Affairs by providing intentional programs, services, and learning opportunities that prepare students for responsible citizenship in a global, diverse community.  The Graduate Assistant advises/oversees student programming initiatives, facilitates workshops, and supervises undergraduate students who serve as peer educators.  Instructions