Finance and Services Minutes

The Finance and Services Committee is an elected, standing committee of the Arts & Sciences Faculty the advocates on behalf of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences on issues related to finances and general services of the College.  The role of Finance and Services is described in the Faculty Handbook Section V: Bylaws of the College of Arts & Sciences (pg. 125).  Click Here for the 2013-2014 Finance & Services Minutes. 


Bylaws of Arts & Sciences

Article VII: Standing Committees of the Faculty

Section 4. The Finance and Service Committee

Responsibilities. The Finance and Service Committee consults with the administration and serves as an advocate on issues related to finance and general services of the College of Arts and Sciences. Such concerns include, but are not restricted to, issues related to budget, salary and benefits, student financial planning, tuition and fees, physical plant, campus safety, bookstore, food service, and personnel.

Membership. Membership to the Finance and Service Committee consists of eleven voting members: six elected from the faculty, two staff members elected by members of the staff, and three student representatives selected by the Student Government Association. The students shall be appointed at the beginning of the academic year and remain on the Committee for a period of one year.