Faculty Governance

Welcome to the R-Net Faculty Governance page.  The faculty governance site serves as an archive of:

The Bylaws of the College of Arts and Sciences state that these bodies "shall act on behalf of and report to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. The normal legislative process is from committee to Executive Committee to the Faculty."  The Executive Committee consists of the President of the Faculty, the Vice President/Secretary of the Faculty, the President of the Student Government Association, the Chairs of each of the four standing committees, and the President, Provost, and Dean of Faculty (as non-voting members).

The Faculty and standing committees should meet at least once a month, and in accord with "open governance", meeting times and agenda should be published in advance of meetings.  Normally, faculty may attend these meetings.  Minutes for all committes please click here.

President of the Faculty: Carol Lauer (term: 2013 - 2015)

Vice President/Secretary:  Thomas Ouellette (term: 2013 - 2015)