Kathryn Norsworthy Co-Edits and Contributes to Women & Therapy

August 02, 2011

KN&Nuch Hat Yai
Kathryn Norsworthy with her co-author, Dwanghathai (Nuch) Buranajaroekij

Professor of Graduate Studies in Counseling Kathryn Norsworthy co-edited a recently-published special issue of the Routledge journal, Women & Therapy.  The theme of the special issue, co-edited with Ellyn Kaschak, professor Emerita at California State University - San Jose, is titled "Border Crossings:  Feminist Activists and Peace Workers Collaborating Across Cultures"  [Women & Therapy, Vol. 34(3)].  The special issue brought together contributors from around the world including Liberia, Burma, Thailand, Canada, Ukraine, Kyrgystan, Costa Rica, Colombia and the U.S. to discuss their transcultural and transnational collaborations and partnerships in peace and justice work.   

Norsworthy co-authored two articles for the special issue, including:

1.   "Introduction:  Border Crossings:  Feminist Activists and Peace Workers Collaborating Across Cultures" [Norsworthy, K.L. & Kaschak, E. (2011), Women & Therapy, 34(3), 211-222)]     AND

2.  "Crossing Borders, Building Bridges, and Swimming Upstream:  Feminist Liberatory Work within South Thailand Communities in Conflict" [Norsworthy, K.L & Buranajaroenkij, D. (2011), Women & Therapy, 34(3), 242-260].  This article describes the libratory methodologies and processes of trauma and peace-building projects conducted by Norsworthy, co-author, Dwanghathai (Nuch) Buranajaroenkij (Bangkok, Thailand) and their local partners, under the auspices of Bangkok's  Mahidol University Research Center for Peace and/or the Human Right's Commission of Thailand in the deep south of Thailand, where communities continue to face protracted ethno-political conflict and violence.