Denise K. Cummings and Erin Wareham Present at Native American Literature Symposium

March 23, 2011

Assistant Professor of Critical Media and Cultural Studies Denise K. Cummings and Erin Wareham (Class of 2011) participated in the 2011 Native American Literature Symposium at Isleta Pueblo, just outside of Albuquerque, NM, March 17-19, 2011.  

Wareham advanced her senior seminar capstone project in the CMC major, centered on filmic representations of indigenous peoples and Australian Aboriginal cinema, and also conducted an on-camera interview with enterprising indigenous filmmaker, Brian Young (writer/director, Walk in Beauty). Young, of the Diné Nation, was filmmaking fellow in the Sundance Native Filmmakers Lab (2009) and the Fox Studios American Indian Summer Institute (2007).   

Cummings, and her colleague from the Native American Cultural Center at Yale, Theo. Van Alst, coordinated and hosted a film screening and teaching roundtable with the narrative feature film, Tambíen la Lluvia (Even the Rain), Spain’s 2010 submission for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, concerning the 2000 Cochabamba, Bolivia, water crisis and the continuing effects of Spanish imperialism.   

In addition, Cummings held a plenary session on her forthcoming volume, Visualities: Perspectives on Contemporary American Indian Film and Art, due in print in May, 2011, by Michigan State University Press as part of their American Indian Studies Series. Six of the volume’s contributors joined her and presented their research from the book.