Academic Honor Code

The Philosophy of the Academic Honor Code

Integrity and honor are central to the Rollins College mission to educate its students for responsible citizenship and ethical leadership.  Rollins College requires adherence to a code of behavior that is essential for building an academic community committed to excellence and scholarship with integrity and honor.  Students, faculty, staff, and administration share the responsibility for building and sustaining this community.

Each student matriculating into Rollins College must become familiar with the Academic Honor System.  The College requires that students be able and willing to accept the rights and responsibilities of honorable conduct, both as a matter of personal integrity and as a commitment to the values to which the College community commits itself.  It is the responsibility of instructors to set clear guidelines for authorized and unauthorized aid in their courses.  It is the responsibility of students to honor those guidelines and to obtain additional clarification if and when questions arise about possible violations of the Honor Code.

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Attention Rollins Students:

If you are interested in serving on the Academic Honor Council for 2014-15, please download and complete the AHC form and submit it to the Dean's Office,  You may also email the application to Janette Smith at